The Ten Key Instructions of the Original Teachings of TheWay

by Dina Marcus

The movement started by the historical man referred to as Jesus was not called Christianity!  As documented in the Book of Acts, it was called TheWay, and the original communities forming its Spiritual Inner Core were either slaughtered, silenced, or driven underground when the Roman government, under the Emperor Constantine, took over the Christian Church for his own political gain, and wrote them off as “deplorable.”   This set up the entire Western world for the period that we know today as the Dark Ages.

Over the next several several centuries, the Roman emperors and their favored clerics decided, in a top-down fashion, which doctrines and practices were acceptable (and must be accepted on blind faith alone), and which were to be written off as “deplorable.”  Not surprisingly, most of these were designed to keep people in a perpetual dependence on the “priest” classes.  Those found guilty of “heresy” for not adhering to dictates of the Emperor were hunted down and tortured and/or killed for being “heretics.”  Many Christian reformers came along in the ensuing centuries, yet most “Protestant” Christians today regard the period in which Luther, Calvin and Knox lived as the start of the Christian “Reformation.”  Why?  They certainly were not the first reformers–they were just the first who managed to get enough political power on their side to survive the “witch” hunt.  Yet sadly, as shown so eloquently in Tolkien’s epic work The Lord of the Rings, those who make use of the ring of power to further their own cause–even if they ostensibly seek to better the world with it–not only fail to create the better world that they seek; the movement that they start will turn against its own first principles and will ultimately make the world far worse off.

Yet, there is hope!  The man known as Jesus promised, when speaking of the movement which he started, that “the gates of hell shall not prevail over it.”  What this means is that access to the original teachings lies in a realm that is beyond the corruption of this world, and beyond the ability of the priests and politicians to destroy it, and it remains so to this very day.  The American Constitution was–in large part–set up in order to provide the necessary environment where the people could live in relative freedom and prosperity, and pursue higher spiritual knowledge in accordance with their ability to receive it.  To get an idea of what the original teachings of Jesus were, see, for instance, this website:

The Ten Key Instructions of the Original Teachings of TheWay

1) Seek to keep the Commandments of the Lord as set forth in the Gospels.  Love the Lord and do unto your brothers as you would have them do unto you.

2) Endeavor to become what is portrayed in the parable of the Sower And The Seed as the “good ground” in body and mind — with an open mind to the Higher Revelation of the Living Word.

3) To be ever faithful to one’s spouse — and to build within one’s marriage the Consecrated Temple of Love and Light (see The Divine Marriage).

4) Seek the Truth.  Each of us exists at different rungs of the proverbial Jacob’s Ladder — as stated in the Gospel Of The Nazirenes: “God gives you all truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth which seems today, you will abandon for the higher truth tomorrow. Press toward perfection” — therefore, each of us must strive to live the level of Truth that we have received, in Word, Thought, Desire and Deed.

5) The scriptures are the developmental text-book for the lost prodigal sons and daughters who dwell in this world.  Therefore, seekers of TheWay must learn to apply the scriptures within their own mind and being as the Key of Knowledge — seeking to enter in the “narrow strait gate” which gives entrance to the Inner Kingdom.

6) By Divine Design, all people are subject to the Tower of Babel Syndrome — they all see the world differently and speak a different language as presented at The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind.    When we judge them, without discernment through the intuitive empathetic understanding as set forth in The Solution To The Segmented Mind, then we both slam the door to our own progress in TheWay, and bring judgment upon ourselves.  

7) Seek to edify and purify the body-vessel (see to fulfill the Royal Law and transform self into the Consecrated Living Temple as set forth in the Pistis Sophia (Faith Wisdom): “Do not desist from seeking by day and by night, until you find the purifying mysteries of the light, which refine the body of matter and make it a pure light very refined.”

8) The most popular scripture used in the first century was the Shepherd of Hermas which portrays those who walk in TheWay as being married to the Lord.  Thus, those who walk in the way of this world are portrayed as an adulteress: “…it is adultery, if a man pollute his flesh, but whosoever doeth things like unto the heathen committeth adultery. If therefore in such deeds as these likewise a man continue and repent not, keep away from him, and live not with him.  Otherwise, thou also art a partaker of his sin.”

9) “Be temperate as to what is evil, and do it not; but be not temperate as to what is good, but do it. For if thou be temperate as to what is good, so as not to do it, thou committest a great sin; but if thou be temperate as to what is evil, so as not to do it, thou doest great righteousness. Be temperate therefore in abstaining from all wickedness, and do that which is good’.” ( Shepherd of Hermas )

10) Do not seek after that which belongs to another“…neither touch that which is another man’s, nor lust after it; for it is wicked to lust after other men’s possessions.” ( Shepherd of Hermas see also Social Justice And The Natural Laws)



Stop the Black Genocide!

by Dina Marcus

It seems like hardly a day goes by anymore where the news media is not promoting the narrative that cops are deliberately targeting young Black men for no apparent reason.  Each story where an officer-involved shooting is hyped up and used for its maximum race-baiting effect, often well before all the facts come in.  Almost everyone feels that something is rotten in Denmark.  A majority of these officer-involved shootings turn out to be incidents where the police officer had a reason to feel his life was in jeopardy, yet by the time the facts come out, the damage has already been done and the narrative of “yet another Black man targeted by police” has already added to this perception of a Black Genocide.

If this situation is ever to be healed, it is absolutely crucial to realize that Black people are not making it up:  there IS a very real Black Genocide being done in this country, and they are NOT wrong in that perception!  The real story, however, is very different than the Left wing media would like you to believe.  Abortion is the missing link in this discussion, and it is the very, VERY real source of the Democrat party’s political power.  Don’t doubt me on this.  Abortion is the “religious” sacrament of the Left, and there is an important reason why Roe v. Wade is held, by the Left, to be as sacrosanct as any religious principle that the Religious Right holds dear.  I will try to briefly outline my thinking below:

1.  All human beings are members of ONE race, the human race, and thus, at a very deep level, humans are ALL interconnected.

2.  The human race is further subdivided into what we call “races.”  Some say that there are four, but my understanding is that there are five races.  Each race breathes in and occupies a particular range of frequencies in the ethers of the earth.  It’s kind of like a symphony orchestra, where each section (woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion) makes its unique contribution to the whole.  Nevertheless, it is only the whole that is whole, just like a symphony orchestra cannot be made out of just the string section.

3.  All races are equal, but equal does not mean “the same.”  What unites all human beings is larger than the human animal, and that is the soul, or what one could say is the human capacity for higher reasoning.  The more divorced from the soul, the more animalistic the person becomes, and the easier they fall prey to the false prophets and shepherds of mankind, ie. priests and politicians.

4.  When there is a massive slaughter of innocent human beings, it generates an outrage in the ethers.  Think of the scene in Star Wars, where Obi Wan Kenobi suddenly feels faint due to a “disturbance in the force” that happened because an entire planet on the other side of the galaxy had just been obliterated.  Even though this was a “fictional” story, it nevertheless was a piece of “fiction” derived from a real, functional, human mind.  Think of the Law of Conservation of Energy:  in a closed system, energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Therefore, the human race, being One at a larger and deeper level, is a closed system.  When a violent criminal is killed in a self-defense incident by his would-be victim, it does not generate a net gain of outrage in the ethers, because the use of force to contain the threat is equaled by the criminal act itself.  But, the unjustified loss of innocent human life DOES generate a net gain of outrage in the ethers that is felt by all humans.  There is no human being more innocent than an unborn baby in the womb, thus each and every abortion adds to the sense of outrage in the ethers perceived by all human beings.  Think of it this way:  each and every life being snuffed out in the womb represents an ENTIRE lifetime of choices that an individual, separate and distinct from the mother who carried him/her, would have otherwise been able to make, but was deprived of the opportunity.  As individuals, each aborted baby represents only a tiny spark of life that has been lost, but collectively, the millions of aborted babies add up to a collective outrage generated in the ethers.  This is also why those who enthusiastically support abortion tend to be of a collectivist mindset.

5.  On an individual level, the wizards of priestcraft–ie. (in this generation) our establishment politicians, especially those in the Democrat party–present abortion as a “woman’s right to choose.”  Thus, individuals who are of a libertarian mindset are not inclined to want to force a woman to make the very difficult sacrifice of raising an unwanted baby (though nothing prevents her from giving that baby up for adoption).  It is in this way that liberty is stolen from otherwise good people of a libertarian mindset, because on a collective level, what abortion really represents is the collective deprivation of a lifetime of choices of millions of people who otherwise would have been able to live out their lives in accordance with Natural Law, which, when added up in the aggregate, gives the priests and politicians their VERY REAL spiritual power.  Politicians such as Hillary Clinton then channel that collective outrage that builds in the ethers, generated as the result of the murder of millions of innocent human beings, into whatever cause they wish to promote (or destroy).

6.  People who have bought into the lie that abortion is just about “a woman’s right to choose” cannot in their own minds make the connection between the VERY REAL and VERY GENUINE sense of outrage that is in the ethers, and its actual source.  Thus, they are easily led like lambs to the slaughter in any direction that the “wizards” want to lead them in.  The best example of this is what happened last summer when “Cecil the lion” was killed.  I’m not a betting person by nature, but if I could, I’d be willing to put money on the notion that 99.9999999% of those who called for the execution of the dentist who killed Cecil are also people who either have had an abortion themselves, or at least enthusiastically support abortion.  As living human beings, they have a sense of the moral outrage generated by millions of murdered human beings, but since they enthusiastically support abortion, they cannot in their minds connect the dots.  It’s as if they have aborted the part of their minds that would otherwise be capable of connecting the dots.  This is also why SJW’s tend to randomly support disconnected concepts that, if put together, would otherwise be self-contradictory.  For example, when the Democrat SJW’s are not 24/7 whining about American “rape culture,” they are either 1) trying to secure the right of “women” with penises to invade EVERY space that used to be reserved just for the privacy concerns of natural, biological, women, or 2) trying to secure unlimited access to America on behalf of Syrian and other Muslim “refugees,” most of whom are men of military age who have been raised from birth in a backwards culture that taught them to think of females as property that deserves only to be sexually used, and especially of “infidel” woman as deserving to be raped.

7.  Keeping the above in mind, it cannot be understated:  there is a real, genuine, war of genocide that has been waged against the Black race in our country today that started with the early 20th Century progressives, and the “eugenics” movement that they started.  People who are Black naturally feel it more than others, because they are naturally more intimately linked to the Black victims than members of other races are, but anyone from any race who has developed a sense of empathy for Black people can also feel it.  However, those who enthusiastically support abortion will NEVER be able to tell the true source of the outrage they feel in their hearts about where this sense of Black genocide is coming from.  Thus, it is easy for a practitioner of occult arts such as Hillary Clinton to deflect the outrage and chock it up to an “epidemic” of police killing young black men for no apparent reason.  Of course, she does not have to say much, because most of this divisive work has already been done for her by the Democrat Party (maybe they should be called the DemoKKKrat Party) and their dual propaganda wings –the “establishment” media and “educational” institutions.  This is why it is SO critical to point out that Hillary Clinton specifically called herself an “early 20th Century progressive,” and named Margaret Sanger as one of her heroes.  Margaret Sanger laid out a plan to extinguish the Black race that has largely been carried out until today, almost exactly as planned.  In many cities today, especially those controlled by DemoKKKrats, a Black baby is far more likely to be aborted than born.  See, for instance, this interactive map of New York City, where the highest abortion rate is in the Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood (think about the significance of that–there are no coincidences).  Those lucky few that survive the abortion mills have (today) over a 70% chance of being raised by a single mother, and thus have no loving daddy in the home.  In this way, they thus are being raised with no sense of respect for genuine authority (the word “authority” derives from the word “author” which is a synonym for “father”).  They are then largely educated with a dumbed-down curriKKKulum in inferior government schools where they are taught that they are to be perpetual victims.  So, many of them remain in the DemoKKKrat cradle-to-prison-to grave pipeline, used as pawns just to keep the DemoKKKrats in power.

8.  It is hard to calculate how many Black lives have been lost due to this genocide, but it is EASILY far more than the official story of “6 million Jews” lost in the Holocaust, thus, Hillary Clinton represents a True Evil of Hitler-level proportions!!!!!!  Nevertheless, the Black people have been largely taken in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome where they automatically vote in the very people that are using them as pawns and profiting from their victimhood.  One of the reasons why the Left hates people like Ben Carson so much is because he provides a real-life example of what is possible when a child is brought into the world with all the stereotypical disadvantages, yet is raised by a mother who teaches him to refuse to be a victim.  Thus, the Democrats can only remain in power so long as the victims they purport to “represent” agree to play the role of perpetual victims.  This is the price of victimhood:  if you feel like a victim and you want your victimhood to stop, then YOU have to end it, and not sell your victimhood to the lowest bidder in exchange for promised “reparations” that never seem to come.

9.  Donald Trump represents the best possible way to reverse this victimhood trend in America, because he is not an idealogue, but rather, he’s a person who gets things done, and in the course of running for the presidency, he has developed a deep level of empathy for the American people as a whole, including people of every race and previously identified “sacred victim group” and thus, he represents the best chance for our country to re-birth itself again as One Nation Under God without all the divide-and-conquer “sacred victimologies” of the Democrats.

10.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, I believe that it will prove to be the point of no return for the complete downfall not only of the United States, but of all of Western Civilization.  But, of course, as usual, the history books are almost always written by those who hang the real heroes.

11.  One of the reasons why the Democrats have to resort to the mass importation of millions of third-world people in order to guarantee their power is this:  think about how many Democrat voters have been aborted since Roe v. Wade.  The more a person supports abortion on demand, the more likely they vote Democrat.  Now, it is probable that some women who have had abortions are Republicans or right-leaning, but it is probably a minority.

If it were not for easy abortion on demand, women with an unwanted pregnancy would basically have only two choices:

a.  Raise the child herself, either as a single mother, or with the boyfriend(s) of her choice.  The likely outcome:  more children grow up to be Democrat voters.

b.  Give the child up for adoption.  People who look for children to adopt are more likely, on average, to be either in the center, or right leaning.  Thus, in this scenario, many Democrat leaning women end up giving their children over to families who are, on average, more likely to raise the same children to grow up to be Republican or Independent voters.

Thus, the Democrat party has to keep Roe v. Wade intact as a sacrosanct principle, plus constantly push for more taxpayer funding of abortion, in order to prevent scenario #2 from happening, and constantly has to push for the mass importation of more voters from third world countries in order to make up for the net loss of Democrat voters lost due to abortion.


Dina is an ordinary woman who lives in the “hate-filled” state of North Carolina.  Yes, that is right.  Dina and a great many other North Carolinians hate the brazen attempt by the Left to use “special victims groups” in an effort to stir up dissension and hatred of one group of citizens to another, so as to destroy the fabric of our society.  It is true that since the USA has always been populated by people who are not perfect, many injustices have been committed.  As a spiritual seeker, Dina has learned from personal experience the undeniable truth portrayed in Galatians:  “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked; man reaps what he sows.”  Therefore, the greatest of a lessons is to learn to Know Thyself, so as to know how to overcome every limitation imposed upon us by the rulers of our world.