The Evolution of a Woman’s Right to Choose

by Dina Marcus


It is interesting that those who argue strongly for the right to abort an unborn child have seemingly lost all reason when it comes to the latest self-contradictory Leftist fad that comes along.  Why is that?

It is very simple:  what you do to your body (or advocate others do to their bodies), you do to the mind.  Sex is a spiritual act that does, on occasion, produce physical offspring.  However, its primary role is not physical procreation, but the regeneration, evolution and development of the mind.  Therefore, those who use “a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body” as a pretext to kill innocent, unborn babies, not only harm the babies; they lose the ability to evolve their own thought process in a way that makes sense and would allow them to connect the dots.

This is why the Left so often make disconnected and disjointed arguments that contradict themselves.  When they’re not whining 24/7 about the “rape culture” in America, they are advocating for absolutely unlimited immigration by Muslim men who adhere to Sharia law, have been raised in a 7th-century mindset that regards women as property, and believe that they have a right and a duty to rape the “infidel” woman.  If you speak up and say that doesn’t make sense, you get shouted down as a “racist” and a “bigot.”  Right now, in Europe, there are many stories of an actual “rape culture” having been created by these Muslim men, and the European governments are doing everything they can to silence the news of these occurrences from getting out.  If we don’t nip this political correctness in the bud and start filtering out immigrants who want to impose Sharia law on us, then we will end up with an actual rape culture here, too.

Same thing goes with the transgendered bathroom and locker room debates.  The Left wants to enact wide-sweeping laws that open the women’s bathroom and other private areas to literally anyone who claims to “identify” as a female, with absolutely no objective proof whatsoever.  In doing this, they seem to have forgotten all about the “rape culture” that they constantly whine about.  My point is not that people with actual gender dysphoria don’t exist, and don’t have genuine needs that should be addressed.  However, my feeling, as a natural born woman, is that for every transgendered person that really exists, there are many more anatomical males who are just perverts who would use these laws in order to get into spaces that used to be private and for women only.

Now, you might say that a sign saying “women only” does not prevent a man from entering that space, anymore than a sign saying “gun free zone” prevents mass shootings.  In theory, this is true.  Nothing other than general adherence to etiquette in polite society has ever prevented a man from entering the women’s bathroom.  However, prior to our current PC-insane culture, if a man entered the women’s restroom or locker room, it would have been regarded as a cause for alarm, and there would have been something done about it.  But now, with today’s climate of political correctness, if a woman sees someone who looks like a man enter the women’s room, if she objects, she risks being shouted down as a “hate-filled bigot.”  Remember what happened with the San Bernardino terrorists:  their neighbors had noticed suspicious activity at all times of the day and night, yet said nothing for fear of being accused of “racism.”  In the same way, these special “protections” that the LGBT lobby wants to enact all over the country to enshrine their right to enter women’s spaces will have the same effect.  If we don’t reel in the political correctness, then men will be able to go into women’s (formerly) safe spaces and seeing men do just that will become normalized.  Any woman who then objects to that will be accused of being a “hater.”

Bottom line:  when women use the “right to choose” as a pretext to deprive another human being of an entire lifetime of choices, they will end up losing all control, even over their own bodies.


Dina is an ordinary woman who lives in the “hate-filled” state of North Carolina.  Yes, that is right.  Dina and a great many other North Carolinians hate the brazen attempt by the Left to use “special victims groups” in an effort to stir up dissension and hatred of one group of citizens to another, so as to destroy the fabric of our society.  It is true that since the USA has always been populated by people who are not perfect, many injustices have been committed.  As a spiritual seeker, Dina has learned from personal experience the undeniable truth portrayed in Galatians:  “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked; man reaps what he sows.”  Therefore, the greatest of a lessons is to learn to Know Thyself, so as to know how to overcome every limitation imposed upon us by the rulers of our world.


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