Three Essentials for ACA Repeal!

Senator Dr. Rand Paul is proposing that people be allowed to purchase health insurance through associations.  That is a great idea.  In addition to that, there are two more essential items that absolutely must be addressed to fix our broken healthcare system.  Here is a letter that I wrote to Dr. Paul:

Hi Dr. Paul,

I LOVE your idea of allowing associations like credit unions to pool together to form health insurance groups and get group rates. That is exactly the kind of thinking that this country needs to fix its healthcare problem. I’ve often wondered why I couldn’t get affordable insurance through AAA or some other group that I’ve belonged to, but I did suspect that it was the scoundrels in Congress and the insurance company lobbyists preventing me from getting affordable insurance.

There are two additional topics that need to be added to this discussion, both of which are driving up healthcare costs in this country. Since you reportedly have President Trump’s ear on this healthcare reform debate, why not add these two things to your list of must-haves?

1. Since the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 (passed by Democrats/FDR), health insurance companies and medical malpractice insurers have been exempted from anti-trust laws. This has LITERALLY allowed them to fix prices by squeezing out competition, acting as a cartel with a limited number of insurers, or in some instances, has left them with monopoly status in some areas. THIS MUST END!

2. For DECADES, the US Congress and Presidents have given sweet deals to the drug companies, allowing them to literally bilk patients out of thousands of dollars, even for generic, off-patent drugs.  Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of this!   I understand that the companies need to make a profit and pay for continued R&D, but the nose-bleed price increases are beyond reasonable! This has allowed the drug companies to just name their price, at the expense of taxpayers (in the case of Medicare/Medicaid) or individuals/groups with private health insurance (through higher premiums/copays). It’s as if the US market is footing the bill for all these “single payer health plans” all over the world, which the Left loves to praise.  THIS MUST END!

The Democrats are crying crocodile tears over the unreasonably high priced system that they largely created in the first place (since the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945). They are getting away with claiming that the Republican party wants to “kill sick people,” when literally, the FREE MARKET has not been allowed in healthcare since 1945! Since President Trump is such a great communicator, he can take this issue directly to the people. Let him make the Democrats explain:

  1.  WHY they support monopolies and price-fixing protections for the HUGE insurance corporations.
  2.  While they’re at it, the Democrats can explain to the American people why they supported those sweet back-room deals guaranteeing the drug companies nosebleed profits off the backs of the average American worker and small business.
  3. Finally, your idea of allowing for association health plans is in every way comparable to the early days of the industrial revolution, when rich employers held all the advantages, and individual workers fought (and in some cases, even died) for the right to organize themselves to allow for collective bargaining to get improved wages and working conditions. President Trump should make the Democrats explain to the public WHY small businesses and individuals, who currently have absolutely NO leverage on the insurance market, unlike the massive corporations that the largely Democrat-created system favors, should NOT be allowed to collectively bargain for better insurance plans and premiums/ out of pocket expenses, etc. that they WANT (as opposed to accepting whatever plans the government says that they can have).



The Evolution of a Woman’s Right to Choose

by Dina Marcus


It is interesting that those who argue strongly for the right to abort an unborn child have seemingly lost all reason when it comes to the latest self-contradictory Leftist fad that comes along.  Why is that?

It is very simple:  what you do to your body (or advocate others do to their bodies), you do to the mind.  Sex is a spiritual act that does, on occasion, produce physical offspring.  However, its primary role is not physical procreation, but the regeneration, evolution and development of the mind.  Therefore, those who use “a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body” as a pretext to kill innocent, unborn babies, not only harm the babies; they lose the ability to evolve their own thought process in a way that makes sense and would allow them to connect the dots.

This is why the Left so often make disconnected and disjointed arguments that contradict themselves.  When they’re not whining 24/7 about the “rape culture” in America, they are advocating for absolutely unlimited immigration by Muslim men who adhere to Sharia law, have been raised in a 7th-century mindset that regards women as property, and believe that they have a right and a duty to rape the “infidel” woman.  If you speak up and say that doesn’t make sense, you get shouted down as a “racist” and a “bigot.”  Right now, in Europe, there are many stories of an actual “rape culture” having been created by these Muslim men, and the European governments are doing everything they can to silence the news of these occurrences from getting out.  If we don’t nip this political correctness in the bud and start filtering out immigrants who want to impose Sharia law on us, then we will end up with an actual rape culture here, too.

Same thing goes with the transgendered bathroom and locker room debates.  The Left wants to enact wide-sweeping laws that open the women’s bathroom and other private areas to literally anyone who claims to “identify” as a female, with absolutely no objective proof whatsoever.  In doing this, they seem to have forgotten all about the “rape culture” that they constantly whine about.  My point is not that people with actual gender dysphoria don’t exist, and don’t have genuine needs that should be addressed.  However, my feeling, as a natural born woman, is that for every transgendered person that really exists, there are many more anatomical males who are just perverts who would use these laws in order to get into spaces that used to be private and for women only.

Now, you might say that a sign saying “women only” does not prevent a man from entering that space, anymore than a sign saying “gun free zone” prevents mass shootings.  In theory, this is true.  Nothing other than general adherence to etiquette in polite society has ever prevented a man from entering the women’s bathroom.  However, prior to our current PC-insane culture, if a man entered the women’s restroom or locker room, it would have been regarded as a cause for alarm, and there would have been something done about it.  But now, with today’s climate of political correctness, if a woman sees someone who looks like a man enter the women’s room, if she objects, she risks being shouted down as a “hate-filled bigot.”  Remember what happened with the San Bernardino terrorists:  their neighbors had noticed suspicious activity at all times of the day and night, yet said nothing for fear of being accused of “racism.”  In the same way, these special “protections” that the LGBT lobby wants to enact all over the country to enshrine their right to enter women’s spaces will have the same effect.  If we don’t reel in the political correctness, then men will be able to go into women’s (formerly) safe spaces and seeing men do just that will become normalized.  Any woman who then objects to that will be accused of being a “hater.”

Bottom line:  when women use the “right to choose” as a pretext to deprive another human being of an entire lifetime of choices, they will end up losing all control, even over their own bodies.


Dina is an ordinary woman who lives in the “hate-filled” state of North Carolina.  Yes, that is right.  Dina and a great many other North Carolinians hate the brazen attempt by the Left to use “special victims groups” in an effort to stir up dissension and hatred of one group of citizens to another, so as to destroy the fabric of our society.  It is true that since the USA has always been populated by people who are not perfect, many injustices have been committed.  As a spiritual seeker, Dina has learned from personal experience the undeniable truth portrayed in Galatians:  “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked; man reaps what he sows.”  Therefore, the greatest of a lessons is to learn to Know Thyself, so as to know how to overcome every limitation imposed upon us by the rulers of our world.

Election 2016 In A Nutshell

by Dina Marcus

Why is this election different than all other elections?  The answer is simple:  this year, more than any other, the election is all about which people will prevail in America.  Are the people of America capable of self-governance, or do they need an army of secular priests, bureaucrats, and politicians (that hold themselves unaccountable to the very laws they write for the people) to keep them in line and hold them down?  Thus, this election, the people are on the ballot.

On the one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, the single most corrupt politician ever to seek the Presidency of the United States.  It’s hard to determine which aspect of the Clinton corruption is the most disturbing, because they pretty much all are.  Is it the fact that she had a callous disregard for our national security as shown in her use of a private email server, and her absolute refusal to provide security for our Ambassador in Benghazi?  Is it the fact that her actions have already massively destabilized the Middle East, helping to pave the way to the rise of ISIS?  Is it the fact that she considers herself exempt from the laws and rules she sets rules for others?  Is it the fact that she is so hungry for power that she has been willing to sell our nation’s security in exchange for massive donations from our enemies, who openly state that they want to kill us?  Is it the fact that she sold access to the State Department in order to get favorable treatment on behalf of Clinton Foundation cronies, to pillage poor countries such as Haiti and Nigeria?  Certainly, any one of these crimes, if done by a Republican, would have been enough to bring down the entire campaign, but the impossibly biased main stream media perpetually gives Clinton a pass, and, sadly, many Americans do, as well.  And let’s not forget the fact that she wants absolutely unlimited abortion–all the way up to the point of birth–and she wants to force all taxpayers to foot the bill in many cases.

On the other hand, we have Donald Trump, who has been living a life of opulence and fame.  He has had three wives, divorcing two of them, and who knows how many sexual liaisons in his lifetime.  He hasn’t always supported conservative causes, and he has even given campaign donations to liberal Democrats, and has stated opinions on issues such as abortion that mimic the liberal view.  Therefore, many conservative voters feel he is unworthy of their vote.  Such conservative voters would do well to notice that Jesus Christ did not put his name on the ballot this year, and even if he did, the corrupt mainstream media would find a way to attack him, too.  But, they should also pay attention to the fact that when confronted with the woman caught in the act of adultery, he did not say adultery is OK; neither did he condemn her–he said, “go and sin no more.”  Thus, to Jesus’ point of view, there is always room for repentance and redemption.  So why can’t there be repentance and redemption in Donald Trump’s case?  One of the things that amazes me about Trump’s conservative critics is the freak-out they had regarding the answer he gave when asked  if he had ever asked God for forgiveness.  His answer actually came in two parts:  1) “I don’t believe I ever have,” and 2) “I just try to do better.”  Now, if I were to put that second part into religious lingo, I would say that Trump said he focuses on repentance (“doing better”) rather than on talking about it.  This is probably because in all things, he is more of a doer than a talker.  But the critics only noticed the first part of his response, and ignored the second.  Why is that?  It is much easier to ask for forgiveness than to actually do better.  Perhaps Trump’s critics, in their judgment of him, are revealing something about themselves as talkers, rather than doers.

In the Gospels, there is a parable about two sons:  the father said to one son, “Son, go out and work in the fields.”  The son replied, “I will not,” but later on, thought better of it, and did go out to work in the fields.  To the other son, the father said, “Son, go out and work in the fields.”  This son replied, “Yes, father, I will do it,” but he did not do it.  Which son did his father’s will?  Now, while Hillary Clinton talks about “fighting for working families,” she actually advocates policies that destroy the family, and even murder babies.  She also wants to raise taxes in order to force all taxpayers to pay for more abortions.  Do you think she will ever ask God for forgiveness?  Of course not–because she considers herself to be god.  She talks about “fighting for justice in the world,” but her actions prove that power is the only thing she really cares about, and for her to get what she wants, no amount of innocent blood spilled is too much.  In reality, she is a catalyst of the left hand of God, to bring judgment down upon the people who do not know God.  Likewise, Trump is also a catalyst in the left hand of God.  If you are so busy judging Trump over his past sexual indiscretions that you fail to notice that in every single aspect, Hillary Clinton is thousands of times worse, then apparently you are still under the judgment of the left hand of God.  All I can say is, what part of “Come out of her, my people” do you not understand?


Dina is an ordinary woman who lives in the “hate-filled” state of North Carolina.  Yes, that is right.  Dina and a great many other North Carolinians hate the brazen attempt by the Left to use “special victims groups” in an effort to stir up dissension and hatred of one group of citizens to another, so as to destroy the fabric of our society.  It is true that since the USA has always been populated by people who are not perfect, many injustices have been committed.  As a spiritual seeker, Dina has learned from personal experience the undeniable truth portrayed in Galatians:  “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked; man reaps what he sows.”  Therefore, the greatest of a lessons is to learn to Know Thyself, so as to know how to overcome every limitation imposed upon us by the rulers of our world.

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity

by Dina Marcus

Dear Mr Beck and Mr Hannity,


I write to you today as someone who has listened to both your shows for some years, and, like both of you, I am extremely concerned for this country, the direction it has taken in recent years, and the (possible) horrible outcome of this year’s election.  I am also concerned in that I have heard both of you rail against one another, and this is what concerns me the most:  divide and conquer is the primary strategy of the Left, and so long as the Right remains divided, the Left will continually win.  More on that later, but for now, I will try to get to the heart of the dispute between the two of you.


Jesus is quoted as saying “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”  Although I am not sure that I qualify for such a lofty title, I will do my best to try to help the two of you, and the factions that each of you represent, as well as the other myriad factions of our great nation, make peace and come together in unity, before it is too late.  After all, another important statement of Jesus is found in the saying, “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whilst thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison.”


One of the wisest sayings of Shakespeare is seen in the quote, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”  What I see in this statement is the fact that each person is born to play a specific role in the outside world, in accordance with his/her level of spiritual maturity, and placement within the system that our Founding Fathers knew as “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”  In that vein, both of you have much in common as conservative radio and TV talk show hosts, yet each has his respective domain and sphere of influence.  Mr. Hannity, your show has always had a much more pragmatic focus; whereas Mr. Beck, your show has always attempted to have a more spiritual focus.


….And therein lies the rub:  spiritual knowledge is reserved for those who have actually become spiritual.  One of the most important verses in all of Scripture is found in the statement attributed to Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:14:  “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”


No statement could be truer, and yet most believers read that statement and assume that it does not apply to them because they are believers.  I know, because I was once one of those believers, I read it that way myself, and I cannot tell you how many sermons I listened to, both sitting in a church pew, as well as hearing it in a sermon on Christian radio, where the statement was applied only to the “unbelievers,” yet in all my years of attending various churches and other faith-based groups, I never once heard of how the verse applies equally to the “believers,” yet surely it does, since this letter to the Corinthians begins in its first chapter with Paul praising the Corinthian community for the fact that they were (paraphrasing). “enriched by Christ in all utterance and knowledge, and that the testimony of Christ was confirmed in them.” He also notes that they are not lacking in any spiritual gift.  So, these people to whom the letter is addressed certainly were believers.  Yet, after making his crucial statement in 2:14, he goes on in chapter 3 to say, “And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.”


The evidence that Paul gives in order to prove his point is that “there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?”  This, in turn, goes back to Jesus’ crucial statement that I quoted above:  Agree with thine adversary quickly, whilst thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison In other words, the proof that they were still thinking at a carnal (not spiritual) level, is that there remained divisions between them.  How does this apply to the current situation between the two of you (and the audiences which you represent)?  Since both of you are conservative talk show hosts, you have much more in common with each other than you do with the Left wing media, Left wing academia, or radical Left-wing Democrats Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.  Therefore, it makes sense for me to do my part to help each of you reconcile with each other.  Now, if both of you view the New Testament as being the inspired word of God, then I must point out that the fact that the two of you are still in an ongoing dispute proves that neither of you has achieved that lofty status where you could claim to have “become spiritual.”


Mr. Hannity, I will begin with you.  You, of course, have never made any claim to any great level of spirituality.  Since your role is much more pragmatic, it is therefore also easier for you to make the call you are asking your listeners to make.  Since the election of Hillary Clinton would guarantee the continued decline in America’s economy, as well as its role in the world, not to mention the virtual end of the First and Second Amendments through the appointment of radical Leftist judges to the Supreme Court and lower courts, to you, the choice is obvious:  Trump represents our nation’s last best hope to overcome the conditions imposed upon it by eight years of Leftist rule.  I can certainly understand why it would frustrate you to no end that Beck, and others on the Right, oppose Trump.  Yet, please try to understand that there is an important spiritual reason why those who view Trump see him the way that they do, and spiritual things are much more difficult to properly discern.  My purpose in this letter is to explain the way I see it, and hopefully, in a way that the both of you can understand and accept.  The people (on the Right) who oppose Trump largely do so because they have a built-in confirmation bias against him, and they are clearly afraid that he either will become a dictator or will pave the road for some kind of dictatorship.  If you continue to yell at them as well as demean them and accuse them of being traitors, and encourage your audience to do the same, it will only increase their confirmation bias that Trump would become a dictator, and as such, would be deadly toxic to our country.  I can’t speak to the other critics of Trump, but after having listened to Mr. Beck for several years, I believe that what Mr. Beck needs is for someone to speak to his heart and explain this choice in a way that he can understand, accept, and even (hopefully) embrace.  I am not sure that I will be able to do that, but I feel it is my duty to do my very best to try, and so that is what I will attempt to do in this letter.  Please forgive me, but since spiritual things are so difficult to discern, and they are even more difficult to articulate, I will need a lengthy background explanation in order to build my case, one that goes back hundreds of years into history, yet I promise you that it is entirely relevant to this election, so please hold with me until the very end.


Now, for you, Mr. Beck.  It is a good and praiseworthy thing that you have always tried to present a case that considers God and spirituality when you do your show.  However, as I mentioned above, spiritual knowledge and understanding are reserved for those who have become spiritual, and as a seeker who has not yet “become spiritual,” I know from personal experience how tricky it is even to begin to get a tiny bit of progress in that direction.  Just because a person is a baptized and confirmed believer, has undergone some secret church ritual, and has an interest in spiritual matters, does not in any way prove that person to be “spiritual.”  I don’t in any way mean to be critical; it is just that spiritual matters are that difficult to even begin to understand.  Why?  Because our natural senses are primed to see virtually all things in reverse of their true reality:  backwards/forwards, upside-down, inside-out, etc.  Think about it for a minute.  Are we humans the Creator?  Or is God the Creator of The All?  I say this because it is self-evident that we live in the world of Effect, and it is nearly impossible to correctly perceive the cause of all things, thus we cannot even judge ourselves with true objectivity, much less judge anyone else properly, without first learning how God see us/them.  God, on the other hand, Who is the Ultimate Cause of All Causes, and lives in the world of Cause, ultimately has the vision to understand the consequences of each potential choice, and thus, sees everything for what it truly is.  We, however, who still see through our natural senses, and have not yet fully developed the proper “eyes to see and ears to hear” must humbly admit that we still remain as one who“looks through a glass darkly.” and we don’t yet see all the consequences of our choices for what they really are, as the Proverb goes, “there is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is death.”


In that vein, let us do a little fill-in-the-blank exercise.  I will provide a quote from the Bible, and let’s see if you can fill in the missing words.


Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without_________________.

The point of the above verse is that everything, down to the smallest tragedy–that of a small bird falling to the ground, happens in accordance with the Laws of Providence, or what our Founding Fathers called The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  Jesus goes on to say that the flock of believers is even more valuable than many sparrows, so if we take that to the next level, surely the United States of America is even more valuable than that?  Even though I know it is hard for you, Mr. Beck, please do try to keep this in mind when you consider the nomination of Donald Trump as the GOP candidate.  Even though you may not understand it yet, just the fact that it has already happened, it surely has to factor into the Father’s plan somehow or somewhere.  I have been carefully watching and listening to try to get a sense of where this is going, and I do believe that I have encouraging news for you, Mr. Beck!  But please forgive me, as this is not easy to explain, and I must give a lengthy background in order to properly present my case to you.  I promise you that it is all relevant to this current situation, and the election that is happening just a few weeks away, but since the roots of our current distress go back many centuries, I have to begin there in order to properly explain.


The greatest story never told is that the Scriptures are exactly what they were always intended to be.  They are written so as to provide apparent support for a seemingly infinite multitude of conclusions that can be drawn by each person or group.  By design, therefore, they serve as a catalyst that divides the people into a multitude of different groups that view reality from a vastly different array of perspectives, each in accordance with their level of spiritual development, the condition of their mind and being, and their contribution to the greater whole, in order to explore and develop all the characteristics necessary in order reach what Jesus called the Second Birth.


You wouldn’t know it now, of course, judging by the ease with which modern Christians declare themselves to be “born again,” but the original concept of the Second Birth was a much more extraordinary achievement–a much greater accomplishment than simply making an altar call, saying “The Sinner’s Prayer” and then declaring that you have “come to Jesus,” as they do in our modern churches today.  Otherwise, how is it possible that Nicodemus didn’t have a clue what Jesus was talking about?  I don’t have time to go into that topic, but it is an important piece of background information to note that the Second Birth, as originally taught by the historical man Jesus, was a massive achievement–one that only a few souls were expected to achieve in any given point in history.


Getting back to the issue of the Scriptures:  they were intentionally written in such a way that each person sees in the text whatever he/ she is inclined to believe.  This then naturally causes people to organize themselves in various like-minded groups, like the saying goes:  “birds of a feather flock together,” and this helps people make incremental progress towards the next stage of birth.  But the steps that are necessary in order to actually reach it are difficult to understand, very easy to get wrong, and next to impossible to get right.  It is by design this way, and although it can be very frustrating for the seeker, think of the wisdom in it:  as the prophet Ezekiel says:  “the soul that sins will die,” and the writer of Hebrews puts it this way:  “if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.”


Keeping the above warnings in mind, therefore, it is imperative that we must not be able to stumble upon enlightenment, while still in a spiritually immature state, in the same way that a person could make a wrong turn and end up in the line to enter Mexico, like  Andrew Tahmooressi did.  Thus, the Scriptures are designed to “mislead” us into a having variety of experiences from which we can get actual, direct, empirical evidence for the multitude of different lessons we need in order to (ultimately) be “not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”  Thus, the original religion established by Jesus and confirmed by all the apostles was one that was simple, rational, and required absolutely no blind faith in any particular creed, dogma, or sectarian/partisan interpretation.  In the first three centuries of our Common Era, the Christian Church as established by Jesus and his original disciples was the most advanced spiritual healing center known to mankind, with a spiritual inner core of disciples that had reached maturity (that stage at which a person could be said to have “become spiritual”), an outer core of seekers who lived at various levels of maturity, and the multitudes, who were just getting started, and oftentimes needed a great deal of healing in order to deal with their past mistakes.


Tragically, though, since the road is so difficult and long, and the instructions are so easy to misunderstand, it makes it very easy for the flock to fall prey to false shepherds who then take advantage of the flock and use them for personal and/or political gain.  This is an age-old story, and I do not have time to get into every detail, but the most important thing to note is that in the Fourth Century of the Common Era, the Emperor Constantine convened a council of Church elders, bishops and cardinals, all belonging to the “Orthodoxy.”  These men had been arguing for decades over the proper Christology, and some of them even advocated killing people who disagreed with them.  It cannot be understated that when Constantine convened this council, known to history as The Council of Nicea, the Emperor did NOT invite the Ebionites or Nazirenes, the natural Hebrew-born heirs of the movement that Jesus started.  He also did not invite the Spiritual (Gnostic) Christians, which were the closest Gentile equivalent. These three groups were all considered to be “deplorables” in the eyes of the Emperor and the “Orthodox” clergy, thus their opinions or teachings were rejected ab initio.


So, when Constantine convened the Council of Nicea, he heard ONLY from the “Orthodox” priests, bishops, scribes, etc.  They hashed out their sectarian opinions on the nature of Christ, and then Constantine picked the opinion that he liked the best, and imposed his choice on the entire Church.  Those who opposed this takeover of the spiritual movement that Jesus started (ie. the spiritual core) were either put to death or silenced.  It is in this way that the seeds for the modern “Progressive” movement were sown.  Yes, you did read that right:  the modern “Progressive,” and “politically correct” dogma that we are dealing with today has its (ultimate) origin in Constantine’s takeover of the movement started by the historical man Jesus.  The reason why I say this is that at its root, the whole notion of “Progressivism” and “political correctness” asserts that one person or group of people have the right and duty to dictate to all others what they must believe, and how they must live their lives.  You don’t have to look very long on social media to see some of these people even calling for the arrest and execution of people they disagree with.  Since the Secular Progressives have already given up all notion of the Sanctity of Human Life, it is only a matter of time before the actions that they take in order to enforce their dogmatic belief system turn to literal murder of those they consider “deplorable.”  Don’t doubt me on this!  This is humanity’s default position:  arbitrary rule and abuse of the masses by those in power.  See, for example, America’s Move Toward Tyranny, Walter Williams’ excellent expose of this natural tendency, of which I will quote a small part here:

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis warned, “The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.” The freedom of individuals from compulsion or coercion never was, and is not now, the normal state of human affairs. The normal state for the ordinary person is tyranny, arbitrary control and abuse mainly by their own government. While imperfect in its execution, the Founders of our nation sought to make an exception to this ugly part of mankind’s history. Unfortunately, at the urging of the American people, we are unwittingly in the process of returning to mankind’s normal state of affairs.

What is unknown by most today is that thousands of years ago, when the Tanakh (Torah-Prophets-Writings, or what Christians call the “Old Testament”) was written, the world was populated by ISIS-type people who would happily cut your head off if you openly disagreed with their superstitious and primitive belief system.  Therefore, the sages who wrote these spiritual texts had no other choice but to take the tribalistic beliefs that the people who called themselves “Jews” already had, and put them into narratives into which they hid the most important knowledge that they had gained about secrets of the higher mysteries of creation.  Into these narratives, they deliberately inserted contradictions, which would cause the more intelligent members of the community to ask questions, which would indicate to the rabbi or leader that they were ready to go to the next level of understanding.  For a modern example, think of that scene in “The Matrix,” where a cat goes by in an alley, and then a few seconds later, goes by again.  That was said to be a sign of a glitch in the matrix:  look closely, because your opportunity for freedom is getting closer.  Thus, Judaism is what is known as a “mystery religion,” in that the teachings that were given to the masses differed from the gradual revelations allowed to the developing seekers, and thus, over thousands of years, the tribe that called themselves Jews gradually evolved.


At one time, this sort of organization into a mystery religion environment was critical–as I said earlier–if an enlightened sage openly declared what he knew to be the truth, then the masses would happily cut off his head (or worse).  Thus, he had no other choice but to write what he knew in allegorical writings where the true spiritual meaning is gradually revealed as the seeker gradually matures and proves that he can handle the new information.  This type of organization, however, has a huge downside in that after the founding generation dies, these religious movements are always taken over by priests who lack the original vision of the founders.  Also, since the nature of the work is spiritual, and thus the truth or falsehood of it is hard for the masses to discern, these priests always end up rewriting the rules to their political and economic advantage, thus leading the people into a period of stagnation until another true visionary came on the scene and helped to make more growth possible.  This went on for thousands of years.  Thus, by the time that the historical Jesus entered the scene, Jewish society had evolved to the point where many of the most critical teachings could be openly stated.  This is an important point:  the gospel does not in any way contradict the spiritual essence of the Torah.  Where the gospel appears to contradict the Torah, it is because the Torah was deliberately written to conceal what the gospel openly reveals, and the gospel was written so as to free the people from the mystery religion environment, where they would always have to be dependent on another person, usually a man, to tell them what the text really says.  So, please do not make the mistake of thinking that the gospel openly reveals everything in its written text:  there is still much more to be discerned, since the gospel was written so as to allow each person to begin where they are, and by direct experience, learn the truth of the mysteries of creation, eventually reaching that state at which it could be said that they “shall all be taught of God.”


In the same way that Judaism developed as a mystery religion, the entire ancient world was populated by members of these “mystery religions,” one of which was the Roman religion known as “Mithraism,” which was the religion of Constantine before his famous “conversion” to Christianity.  It was dying out because it was not really genuine:  it basically amounted to Emperor worship, and thus, it lacked the vibrancy of a genuine spiritual religion such as Christianity had (when originally founded).  Constantine “left” Mithraism behind, and “converted” to Christianity for this reason, plus one other:  his own Mithraic priests had told him that he had been so evil as to be completely irredeemable.  The priests of “Orthodox” Christianity, on the other hand, offered him a bargain he couldn’t refuse:  they said that all he had to do was to be baptized in order for his sins to be forgiven.  Then, after that, he would need to live a sinless life.  Now, Constantine may have been an evil tyrant, but he was not stupid:  he knew darn well that he would never be able to even halfway live up to Christianity’s moral code, much less to the point of sinless perfection.  Thus, he did what any evil tyrant would have done in his place:  he set himself up with a personal cadre of “Orthodox” priests surrounding him 24/7, so that he could get himself baptized just before death.


If you are a Christian today, it ought to give you pause to think that the man almost single-handedly responsible for the “non-negotiable” doctrines of your church wasn’t even a genuine, baptized Christian when he sat on those church councils and used his political power to force his favored viewpoint onto the church!  To get a modern-day equivalent, imagine Barack Obama convening a council and dictating to you what beliefs you are allowed to hold about Christ, and then sending people in to kill you if you disagreed with him:  would you cave into that, or would you resist?  Contrast that thinking with the important statement of Paul in Galatians 1: “though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”    In other words, the people in the Early Church had already received the gospel–each individual and group receiving and understanding it in accordance with amount of light afforded to them by the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  The masses didn’t know any better, and many of them were probably being taught the doctrine favored by Constantine, but the spiritual inner core of the Early Church–the Ebionites, the Nazirenes, and the Gnostic Christians–could never be so easily fooled, so that is why Constantine had them either put to death or silenced.  Now ask yourself this question:  if Constantine’s Christology was so superior, wouldn’t it just be self-evident?  Why, then, did he have to put people to death for refusing to cave into it?


After the Council of Nicea, there were several more Church councils, each of which purported to set the “correct” doctrine for the entire church.  Each one of these councils was, no doubt, convened in order to suppress some movement or teaching that was cropping up.  If you read through the declarations of these councils, and especially through the anathemas issued, you can get a glimpse–fragments of truth really–which if you piece them together carefully, they can give you a sense of what some of the original, yet now forbidden, spiritual teachings of Jesus might have been.  This is because the gospel is designed to take a person and help him heal in his present condition, and gradually reveal to him all things that are necessary in order to fulfill that condition in which the Scripture says “they shall all be taught by God.”  But this means that additional truth would tend to be received as little fragments, which remain misunderstood until the person has proven them true in his own life through direct experience.  The trouble is, though, that Constantine had either put to death or silenced everyone who had such a Living Connection with the Source.  Therefore, as the believers lived their lives, they tended to create movements that were distorted and divorced from their true reality and context.  Picture, for instance, an unwanted tree that has been chopped down.  Since the roots are still alive, it continues to put forth branches, trying to re-establish itself.  You can continue to cut these branches off, but if they keep coming up, the only way to kill the tree is to completely take it out by all its roots.


It was in this way that the Council of Nicea gave the Early Church a mortal wound; it was the Second Council of Constantinople, convened under Emperor Justinian on behalf of his wife Theodora that finished it off and (seemingly) forever pulled it out by the roots. Why?  Because it was at the Second Council of Constantinople that the teaching of the Eternal Soul was declared to be anathema.  If you look at the above Wikipedia article, you will see that it is mischaracterized as forbidding the doctrine of “reincarnation,” but to describe the doctrine of the Eternal Soul as “reincarnation” is not entirely accurate.   Reincarnation is the Eastern belief that the soul incarnates into a body, lives a lifetime worthy of praise or punishment, and then dies and is then reborn in accordance with whatever rewards or punishments that person earned in his/her previous lifetime.  However, if we accept Jesus’ notion that a man cannot even enter the kingdom of God until after he is reborn, then how can it be said that the soul incarnates at all upon its initial, physical birth?  In other words, if a person, having been born physically, still needs another stage of birth, isn’t it logical to say that the person who has yet to be reborn is actually, from a soul perspective, still in an unborn (embryonic or fetal) state?  Think of this from a physical perspective:  if a developing fetus dies in the womb, it certainly is a great tragedy, but we don’t then speak of him/her as having ever lived.  So, taking it to its next level, a person who lives his entire life without reaching the next stage of birth, cannot be said to have become an “incarnated soul.”  In such a case, “reincarnation” is impossible.  Why?  You can’t “redo” something before you first “do” it.  Keep in mind what I said about Jesus’ original teaching on the Second Birth:  it was a much greater accomplishment than it is portrayed today to be.  You may wish to disagree with me on this point; however, consider this:  if the modern Church is so loaded with people who have achieved the Second Birth, then how is it possible that they are not prevailing in the war that is currently being waged against them by the Left?

Let us, therefore, rethink the concept of the Eternal Soul.  If Man needs a Second Birth in order to enter the Kingdom of God, then, by definition, when he is physically born, he remains, from a soul/spiritual perspective, in a yet-unborn state.  While the Soul itself is eternal, each individual person represents just one character in the life of the Soul.  Thus, the Soul lives multiple lifetimes, while each individual person get just one shot at it (unless he reaches that next level of birth).  While each person is only a fragment of his own Soul, the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God ensure that the whole pattern is replicated in the outer world, with each person representing a different fragment of his Soul, and the balance being maintained across society.  In the Book of Revelation, it speaks about The Tree of Life, which has Twelve Fruits (which are for the healing of the nations), as well as the 144,000.  This is due to the fact that it is impossible to form abstract thought without a high degree of complexity.  The 144,000 are thus, each of them, fragments of the Tree of Life, and they can each be considered like a personality type.  Each person, then, who is born represents 1/144,000th of the Tree of Life.   What this also means is that each living person who you interact with gives you a chance to “see” and interact with a part of your soul that is currently inactive.

Just to illustrate, let us do a thought experiment.  If I were to say to you, “please describe to me how you look, but do not look in the mirror, and do not refer back to a time when you looked at yourself in the mirror (or other reflective surface).”  Would you be able to do it?  Clearly not, because your eyes are designed to look outwardly, at the world around you.  Without some way of looking at your reflection, you would not even have a way to turn your gaze back on yourself.  In the same way, it is difficult, if not impossible, to objectively judge your own character, because you are polarized to one of these 144,000 personality types, and if you rely just on your natural senses and natural reasoning, then everything you think you see will be filtered through that sensory funnel, and there will remain a massive hole in your understanding.  This is not a criticism of you; it is a universal fact of the human condition.  However, because the entire Tree of Life is at all times living in the world around you, through the people that you interact with, you can benefit from the spiritual nourishment that is at all times flowing through the Whole Tree, thus, you would be able to intuitively sense the things that they are perceiving, too, and you would be able to widen your viewpoint.

In order to benefit from this intuitive nourishment, there is just one rule:  God said “of all the trees you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil do not eat; for in the day you eat thereof, you will surely die.”  Now, just because that verse was co-opted by the priests and politicians of the church and used in order to set up a religious institution with monopoly power doesn’t mean that it’s not still in force, even today.  Why?  Because even though you probably don’t feel like you live in the Garden of Eden, God still does, and his nourishing sap continues to flow even until this day, and each person is like a tiny part of that tree.  As the Scripture declares, “he causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust,” and he provides nourishment to all.  This is why the message in your new theme song “We Are One” is so critical at this time.  When the people come together in Unity, then nothing will be impossible to them, because they will have God’s power behind them.

Do you know that this rule–the Unity of God–is so important to religious Jews that they try if at all possible to make it so that the Shema is the last word that they utter on their lips?  “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One.”  I remember a story about a religious family that was murdered in the Sbarro pizza shop bombing that happened in Jerusalem in the year 2000.  The witnesses who were there said that the man was leading his children to recite the words as soon as he realized what was happening.  A similar concept is found in Nehemiah 8:10, where Nehemia is speaking to the downcast exiles of Judah, and he says, “Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  Now, when you read it in English, doesn’t that seem like the most curious thing you have ever read?  It makes it seems like God is sitting in heaven, having a good time while laughing at us mortals and all of our suffering, doesn’t it?  Yet, if you read it in Hebrew, it tells a different story.  The Hebrew word translated as “joy” is chedva, which is related to the word Hebrew word echad (one).  In other words, Nehemia is telling the exiles that the Oneness of the Lord is their strength.  Put another way, unlike the Gentiles, who appease the god of war, and then have to worry about the god of love getting angry, or who make sacrifices to the god of crops and then worry about the god of fertility, if you realize that the Lord is One, it also means that, even though you might feel downcast at the moment, dealing with the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune;” at a higher level, everything is in perpetual balance.  In other words, God really is Sovereign, and everything really does work together for good for those who love God, even if it seems like we go through times like today when everything seems topsy-turvy.

I like to picture it this way:  remember that moment in Birmingham last year where the lights were turned off and everyone in the room held up their cell phone with their flash turned on?  Just a single person with a single light would not have been able to light up that hallway, yet the thousands of people there, each one providing a small contribution, made it a beautiful sight.  In the same way, each person represents a tiny spark of the Divine soul, from the greatest saint, down to the common every day “sinner,” and all the way through to the most vile of criminals.  Now, that doesn’t mean that all are equal and the same:  the greatest saints, of course, are those who have made the most of the amount of the Divine light that they were given; whereas the villains are those who have basically walled themselves off from the Divine light, in order to seek power.  The rest are simply people who would normally remain complacent, and it probably would never even occur to them to seek out any greater light unless forced to as a result of the work of evil in the world.  Thus, evil serves a very real and necessary purpose in the world.  One of its purposes is to give people the opportunity to discern the forces that lead people into temptation and into evil.


Remember, though, that God said not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  One of the reasons is that once you have rendered judgment on someone, it is easy for your natural mind to convince you that you already know the truth about that person, when in fact, you are still missing many key facts (see, for example, this incredible story).  Once you eat from the forbidden fruit, then the mind tends to only notice those “facts” that support your hypothesis and ignore all other facts.  Perhaps Paul Simon put it best when he said “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”  Mr. Beck, I do believe that this is what has happened to you vis-a-vis Donald Trump.  You started out in the primary season giving all the reasons why you did not think that he would be a good candidate for the GOP nomination.  You also surrounded yourself with people who have a very clear disdain for him.  Now, at all times, of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and especially during the primary season, you had every right to cover each candidate in whatever way you wished to.  However, from the very beginning, it is clear that you had a bias against Trump.  I think also that your pride was injured when he did not agree to establish contact with you in the way you expected.  In any case, it was fair for you to choose not to be favorable to Trump and endorse Ted Cruz instead (just so that you know, I also supported Ted Cruz during the primary season).


It seems, though, that everything went downhill after the Indiana primary, when Ted Cruz got out of the race.  Your coverage of Donald Trump got worse and worse, more biased, and with more and more misunderstandings that you had blown way out of proportion.  Please forgive me, but I must point something out here:  you like to criticize Donald Trump a lot for not having “principles,” but do you even realize how difficult it is to really live out your life with stated “principles” and consistently put those principles into practice?  So, please allow me to ask this of you, Mr. Beck:  is keeping your word a principle that you have, or is it not?  The reason why I ask is because I listened to your show faithfully during the whole primary season, and I remember you stated several times that if Trump wins the GOP nomination, then you would stop talking about Trump, and you would exclusively focus on lifting up the downballot candidates.  Yet, you certainly did not stick to that, did you?  Instead, you continually sounded out more and more warnings about a Trump presidency.  In many of your warnings, you were clearly describing exactly what would happen under a Clinton presidency, yet you were “sounding out the warning” about Donald Trump.  Some of the things you talked about were just plain misunderstandings that were blown way out of proportion.  It got so bad that I could no longer stand to listen to your show much any more, because every time I tuned in, it was another Bash Trump Fest.  Then there was the innuendo:  the worst example that I can think of is that a few weeks back, you opened up one of your segments saying that the GOP had said we need to have a “New, New Deal.”  You then invited an economic expert on, who explained that the “New Deal” under Obama has cost six times the amount of money in real dollars as FDR’s New Deal.  At no time did you ever explain how this related in any real sense to either Trump or the GOP–you just left it up to people to conclude that somehow Trump and/or the GOP were implicated in this fiasco of Obama’s.

In all honesty, Mr. Beck, I cannot blame those in your audience who have concluded that you must be working on Hillary Clinton’s behalf.  I, on the other hand, have another explanation that I would like to share with you, sir, because I do not believe that you are irredeemable in that way.  You have had a dose of the poisoned fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which brings (spiritual) death to the eater thereof.  To a certain extent, this started from the beginning, but as long as Ted Cruz remained in the race, you were at least as focused on supporting Ted Cruz as you were on criticizing Trump, so there was some balance there, and your criticism of Trump was an attempt to discern which of the GOP candidates would be the best qualified to run for the presidency.  But once Ted Cruz and John Kasich got out of the race, it was at that point a question of Clinton vs. Trump, and that’s when everything went down hill.  Go back for a minute and think again about that moment in Birmingham, AL (I was there, too).  Remember those thousands of little lights in that convention hall?  What if all of those lights were connected into One Whole, and the Spirit of God was able to freely move from little light to little light, all the way across the room and around and back.  Now, what would happen if you wrote off a large chunk of the lights as, oh, I don’t know–deplorable?  The whole thing would go dark.  Of course, every analogy breaks down at some point, but that little “festival of lights” in Birmingham is the closest thing to an illustration that I can come up with to explain my perception of what has happened to you.  The day after the Indiana primary, when Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, you and your co-hosts declared “Indiana, you’re dead to us!”  At that point, you basically wrote off a good chunk of your listening audience as “deplorable.”  Words have consequences:  remember that God says that his word will not come back to him void, but will accomplish what he sent it for.  Likewise, we have the same trait in that our own words often do come back to haunt us.  Once you had written off much of your audience, your own perceptions became more and more distorted and twisted, being as they were more reliant on your natural senses, because you no longer benefited from the intuitive perceptions of the people you had written off.

Now, I do understand that you do not want to have to choose in a “lesser of two evils” scenario, but if you put it that way, it shows me that you just don’t get it.  I do realize that Trump has his faults, as do most people.  There are many things that I, too, find troubling about him, especially his idea of how eminent domain should be used.  However, Hillary Clinton represents the forces of pure, raw, unadulterated evil, and it must not be forgotten that she poses an absolute existential threat not only to this country, but to its Constitution.  There is no evil that Trump has done that even comes close, so how can you even compare the two side by side and ask which one is the lesser?  Sure, he is bombastic and brash, and lives a lavish lifestyle, and has had his share of sexual escapades, but for just about every fault you find in him, HIllary Clinton is a million times worse.  For instance, when she reacted to Trump’s 2nd Amendment comment, interpreting as an assassination threat, she revealed that that is how she operates–when someone gets in the way of your grasp of power, you just assassinate.  So, we’re not talking about a lesser of two evils scenario.  We are talking about electing a president that is truly evil vs. someone that we are simply not sure about.  It’s like with Hillary Clinton, we get to play Russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver, whereas with Donald Trump, we might have a good time, or we might have it rough.  In a way, both candidates are a sort of metaphor for the country itself.  After all, the nation was birthed, in its infancy, with a great divide: some of its people considered slavery, a genuine evil, to be one of its indispensable.  Don’t forget the other great evil that was committed by this country:  the genocide of the Native Americans.  Both of these things were promoted in large part (if not entirely) by the Democrat party, and they continue to hold the Black man down even today, although they have changed their tactics.  Perhaps they watched Mary Poppins and learned from that song “A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down.”  Thus, Hillary Clinton is like an allegorical representation of that part of the American Republic which agreed with slavery and genocide, whereas Donald Trump is like an allegorical representation of the other half:  certainly not perfect, but nowhere near as evil.

You asked recently, after Donald Trump’s hot mic scandal was revealed, how far is “a bridge too far.”  I submit to you, sir, that you have asked the wrong question.  Let me ask you this:  how far would our Heavenly Father be willing to build a bridge in order to rescue just one of his stranded prodigal sons who was seeking him?  How deep into the soil would he be willing to place his roots?  What if there were millions who had been on the verge of losing all connection with the principles on which this country was founded, yet in the nick of time, managed to wake up and cry out for someone to rescue the republic?  You know, it is very important, for a leader, that his people be able to see themselves in him, and that he see himself in them.  One of the reasons why the republic has not been doing so well lately is because it was designed to be a republic of the people, by the people and for the people, organized along the lines of Natural Law.  It was never designed for career politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists to perpetually run it.  Sometimes people get themselves into a rut, mainly because “we have always done it this way,” and they simply can’t think outside the box.


When you were promoting Ted Cruz, you said that one of the reasons for promoting him was because “it wasn’t about a particular man; it was about the republic.”  So, if that principle was true, how is it that it’s no longer true, just because Ted Cruz is no longer in the race?  In other words, do you really believe that it’s the people that make the republic?  Well, then, why do you think that Donald Trump will destroy it?  It seems like you have very little faith in the republic itself if you think that Donald Trump can go in and single-handedly blow it up.  He may go in and shake up the Congress and the bureaucracy, but isn’t that what we’ve been wanting all along?  We certainly want the bureaucracy to be greatly curtailed.  But will he be able to single-handedly destroy the republic?  On the other hand, you just published an entire book detailing the plan carried out by progressives over more than a hundred years to pull apart the underpinnings of the republic and place a stranglehold on what remains.  HIllary Clinton represents the linchpin in their grand scheme to neutralize the Constitution.


It must be understood that the reason why the Left has been winning all this time is that they are servants of the Left Hand of God, and as such, they have the power of Unity on their side.  They are also willing to do whatever it takes to defeat us and remain in power, since “the end justifies the means” tends to be the only principle that they consistently stick to; everything else gets thrown under the bus in their quest for power.  To a large extent, all we need to do is to unify and the power of God will once again be on our side.  But this also means that we need to humble ourselves and be open to doing things God’s way, rather than insisting that our earlier analysis was the correct one, and then going off in several different groups which remain divided and impossible to unite–sort of like herding cats.  Another thing:  who has ultimate control over Donald Trump’s heartbeat?  If we do everything in our power to unify, and Donald Trump makes one step to try to destroy the Constitution, as you fear, is it not God who has the power to pull the plug?  If that happens, Mike Pence will be the president.  Do you have something against Mike Pence (don’t say it’s because he agreed to be Trump’s VP)?  So, if you continue to warn against Trump being elected, it’s like saying that you don’t trust in God.  Perhaps one of the best reasons to vote for and promote Donald Trump is that the Left seems to genuinely be afraid of him.  Can you imagine the delicious irony if they end up cooperating with the GOP to unravel some of the encroachment of the executive branch that they were planning to use to strangle the Constitution?  I think that with Donald Trump, there is a very real chance that he might end up creating a gridlock in Washington, because both the Democrats as well as many in the GOP oppose him.  In contrast, you are fantasizing if you think that the GOP in Congress will stand up to the first female president in history.


I beg you, sir, as this election season comes to a close, will you please fast and pray and seek Divine guidance.  For the sake of the country, and for the sake of your listening audience, and for your own sake.


Dina is an ordinary woman who lives in the “hate-filled” state of North Carolina.  Yes, that is right.  Dina and a great many other North Carolinians hate the brazen attempt by the Left to use “special victims groups” in an effort to stir up dissension and hatred of one group of citizens to another, so as to destroy the fabric of our society.  It is true that since the USA has always been populated by people who are not perfect, many injustices have been committed.  As a spiritual seeker, Dina has learned from personal experience the undeniable truth portrayed in Galatians:  “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked; man reaps what he sows.”  Therefore, the greatest of a lessons is to learn to Know Thyself, so as to know how to overcome every limitation imposed upon us by the rulers of our world.

The Ten Key Instructions of the Original Teachings of TheWay

by Dina Marcus

The movement started by the historical man referred to as Jesus was not called Christianity!  As documented in the Book of Acts, it was called TheWay, and the original communities forming its Spiritual Inner Core were either slaughtered, silenced, or driven underground when the Roman government, under the Emperor Constantine, took over the Christian Church for his own political gain, and wrote them off as “deplorable.”   This set up the entire Western world for the period that we know today as the Dark Ages.

Over the next several several centuries, the Roman emperors and their favored clerics decided, in a top-down fashion, which doctrines and practices were acceptable (and must be accepted on blind faith alone), and which were to be written off as “deplorable.”  Not surprisingly, most of these were designed to keep people in a perpetual dependence on the “priest” classes.  Those found guilty of “heresy” for not adhering to dictates of the Emperor were hunted down and tortured and/or killed for being “heretics.”  Many Christian reformers came along in the ensuing centuries, yet most “Protestant” Christians today regard the period in which Luther, Calvin and Knox lived as the start of the Christian “Reformation.”  Why?  They certainly were not the first reformers–they were just the first who managed to get enough political power on their side to survive the “witch” hunt.  Yet sadly, as shown so eloquently in Tolkien’s epic work The Lord of the Rings, those who make use of the ring of power to further their own cause–even if they ostensibly seek to better the world with it–not only fail to create the better world that they seek; the movement that they start will turn against its own first principles and will ultimately make the world far worse off.

Yet, there is hope!  The man known as Jesus promised, when speaking of the movement which he started, that “the gates of hell shall not prevail over it.”  What this means is that access to the original teachings lies in a realm that is beyond the corruption of this world, and beyond the ability of the priests and politicians to destroy it, and it remains so to this very day.  The American Constitution was–in large part–set up in order to provide the necessary environment where the people could live in relative freedom and prosperity, and pursue higher spiritual knowledge in accordance with their ability to receive it.  To get an idea of what the original teachings of Jesus were, see, for instance, this website:

The Ten Key Instructions of the Original Teachings of TheWay

1) Seek to keep the Commandments of the Lord as set forth in the Gospels.  Love the Lord and do unto your brothers as you would have them do unto you.

2) Endeavor to become what is portrayed in the parable of the Sower And The Seed as the “good ground” in body and mind — with an open mind to the Higher Revelation of the Living Word.

3) To be ever faithful to one’s spouse — and to build within one’s marriage the Consecrated Temple of Love and Light (see The Divine Marriage).

4) Seek the Truth.  Each of us exists at different rungs of the proverbial Jacob’s Ladder — as stated in the Gospel Of The Nazirenes: “God gives you all truth, as a ladder with many steps, for the salvation and perfection of the soul, and the truth which seems today, you will abandon for the higher truth tomorrow. Press toward perfection” — therefore, each of us must strive to live the level of Truth that we have received, in Word, Thought, Desire and Deed.

5) The scriptures are the developmental text-book for the lost prodigal sons and daughters who dwell in this world.  Therefore, seekers of TheWay must learn to apply the scriptures within their own mind and being as the Key of Knowledge — seeking to enter in the “narrow strait gate” which gives entrance to the Inner Kingdom.

6) By Divine Design, all people are subject to the Tower of Babel Syndrome — they all see the world differently and speak a different language as presented at The Enigma Of The Segmented Mind.    When we judge them, without discernment through the intuitive empathetic understanding as set forth in The Solution To The Segmented Mind, then we both slam the door to our own progress in TheWay, and bring judgment upon ourselves.  

7) Seek to edify and purify the body-vessel (see to fulfill the Royal Law and transform self into the Consecrated Living Temple as set forth in the Pistis Sophia (Faith Wisdom): “Do not desist from seeking by day and by night, until you find the purifying mysteries of the light, which refine the body of matter and make it a pure light very refined.”

8) The most popular scripture used in the first century was the Shepherd of Hermas which portrays those who walk in TheWay as being married to the Lord.  Thus, those who walk in the way of this world are portrayed as an adulteress: “…it is adultery, if a man pollute his flesh, but whosoever doeth things like unto the heathen committeth adultery. If therefore in such deeds as these likewise a man continue and repent not, keep away from him, and live not with him.  Otherwise, thou also art a partaker of his sin.”

9) “Be temperate as to what is evil, and do it not; but be not temperate as to what is good, but do it. For if thou be temperate as to what is good, so as not to do it, thou committest a great sin; but if thou be temperate as to what is evil, so as not to do it, thou doest great righteousness. Be temperate therefore in abstaining from all wickedness, and do that which is good’.” ( Shepherd of Hermas )

10) Do not seek after that which belongs to another“…neither touch that which is another man’s, nor lust after it; for it is wicked to lust after other men’s possessions.” ( Shepherd of Hermas see also Social Justice And The Natural Laws)


Stop the Black Genocide!

by Dina Marcus

It seems like hardly a day goes by anymore where the news media is not promoting the narrative that cops are deliberately targeting young Black men for no apparent reason.  Each story where an officer-involved shooting is hyped up and used for its maximum race-baiting effect, often well before all the facts come in.  Almost everyone feels that something is rotten in Denmark.  A majority of these officer-involved shootings turn out to be incidents where the police officer had a reason to feel his life was in jeopardy, yet by the time the facts come out, the damage has already been done and the narrative of “yet another Black man targeted by police” has already added to this perception of a Black Genocide.

If this situation is ever to be healed, it is absolutely crucial to realize that Black people are not making it up:  there IS a very real Black Genocide being done in this country, and they are NOT wrong in that perception!  The real story, however, is very different than the Left wing media would like you to believe.  Abortion is the missing link in this discussion, and it is the very, VERY real source of the Democrat party’s political power.  Don’t doubt me on this.  Abortion is the “religious” sacrament of the Left, and there is an important reason why Roe v. Wade is held, by the Left, to be as sacrosanct as any religious principle that the Religious Right holds dear.  I will try to briefly outline my thinking below:

1.  All human beings are members of ONE race, the human race, and thus, at a very deep level, humans are ALL interconnected.

2.  The human race is further subdivided into what we call “races.”  Some say that there are four, but my understanding is that there are five races.  Each race breathes in and occupies a particular range of frequencies in the ethers of the earth.  It’s kind of like a symphony orchestra, where each section (woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion) makes its unique contribution to the whole.  Nevertheless, it is only the whole that is whole, just like a symphony orchestra cannot be made out of just the string section.

3.  All races are equal, but equal does not mean “the same.”  What unites all human beings is larger than the human animal, and that is the soul, or what one could say is the human capacity for higher reasoning.  The more divorced from the soul, the more animalistic the person becomes, and the easier they fall prey to the false prophets and shepherds of mankind, ie. priests and politicians.

4.  When there is a massive slaughter of innocent human beings, it generates an outrage in the ethers.  Think of the scene in Star Wars, where Obi Wan Kenobi suddenly feels faint due to a “disturbance in the force” that happened because an entire planet on the other side of the galaxy had just been obliterated.  Even though this was a “fictional” story, it nevertheless was a piece of “fiction” derived from a real, functional, human mind.  Think of the Law of Conservation of Energy:  in a closed system, energy is neither created nor destroyed.  Therefore, the human race, being One at a larger and deeper level, is a closed system.  When a violent criminal is killed in a self-defense incident by his would-be victim, it does not generate a net gain of outrage in the ethers, because the use of force to contain the threat is equaled by the criminal act itself.  But, the unjustified loss of innocent human life DOES generate a net gain of outrage in the ethers that is felt by all humans.  There is no human being more innocent than an unborn baby in the womb, thus each and every abortion adds to the sense of outrage in the ethers perceived by all human beings.  Think of it this way:  each and every life being snuffed out in the womb represents an ENTIRE lifetime of choices that an individual, separate and distinct from the mother who carried him/her, would have otherwise been able to make, but was deprived of the opportunity.  As individuals, each aborted baby represents only a tiny spark of life that has been lost, but collectively, the millions of aborted babies add up to a collective outrage generated in the ethers.  This is also why those who enthusiastically support abortion tend to be of a collectivist mindset.

5.  On an individual level, the wizards of priestcraft–ie. (in this generation) our establishment politicians, especially those in the Democrat party–present abortion as a “woman’s right to choose.”  Thus, individuals who are of a libertarian mindset are not inclined to want to force a woman to make the very difficult sacrifice of raising an unwanted baby (though nothing prevents her from giving that baby up for adoption).  It is in this way that liberty is stolen from otherwise good people of a libertarian mindset, because on a collective level, what abortion really represents is the collective deprivation of a lifetime of choices of millions of people who otherwise would have been able to live out their lives in accordance with Natural Law, which, when added up in the aggregate, gives the priests and politicians their VERY REAL spiritual power.  Politicians such as Hillary Clinton then channel that collective outrage that builds in the ethers, generated as the result of the murder of millions of innocent human beings, into whatever cause they wish to promote (or destroy).

6.  People who have bought into the lie that abortion is just about “a woman’s right to choose” cannot in their own minds make the connection between the VERY REAL and VERY GENUINE sense of outrage that is in the ethers, and its actual source.  Thus, they are easily led like lambs to the slaughter in any direction that the “wizards” want to lead them in.  The best example of this is what happened last summer when “Cecil the lion” was killed.  I’m not a betting person by nature, but if I could, I’d be willing to put money on the notion that 99.9999999% of those who called for the execution of the dentist who killed Cecil are also people who either have had an abortion themselves, or at least enthusiastically support abortion.  As living human beings, they have a sense of the moral outrage generated by millions of murdered human beings, but since they enthusiastically support abortion, they cannot in their minds connect the dots.  It’s as if they have aborted the part of their minds that would otherwise be capable of connecting the dots.  This is also why SJW’s tend to randomly support disconnected concepts that, if put together, would otherwise be self-contradictory.  For example, when the Democrat SJW’s are not 24/7 whining about American “rape culture,” they are either 1) trying to secure the right of “women” with penises to invade EVERY space that used to be reserved just for the privacy concerns of natural, biological, women, or 2) trying to secure unlimited access to America on behalf of Syrian and other Muslim “refugees,” most of whom are men of military age who have been raised from birth in a backwards culture that taught them to think of females as property that deserves only to be sexually used, and especially of “infidel” woman as deserving to be raped.

7.  Keeping the above in mind, it cannot be understated:  there is a real, genuine, war of genocide that has been waged against the Black race in our country today that started with the early 20th Century progressives, and the “eugenics” movement that they started.  People who are Black naturally feel it more than others, because they are naturally more intimately linked to the Black victims than members of other races are, but anyone from any race who has developed a sense of empathy for Black people can also feel it.  However, those who enthusiastically support abortion will NEVER be able to tell the true source of the outrage they feel in their hearts about where this sense of Black genocide is coming from.  Thus, it is easy for a practitioner of occult arts such as Hillary Clinton to deflect the outrage and chock it up to an “epidemic” of police killing young black men for no apparent reason.  Of course, she does not have to say much, because most of this divisive work has already been done for her by the Democrat Party (maybe they should be called the DemoKKKrat Party) and their dual propaganda wings –the “establishment” media and “educational” institutions.  This is why it is SO critical to point out that Hillary Clinton specifically called herself an “early 20th Century progressive,” and named Margaret Sanger as one of her heroes.  Margaret Sanger laid out a plan to extinguish the Black race that has largely been carried out until today, almost exactly as planned.  In many cities today, especially those controlled by DemoKKKrats, a Black baby is far more likely to be aborted than born.  See, for instance, this interactive map of New York City, where the highest abortion rate is in the Chelsea-Clinton neighborhood (think about the significance of that–there are no coincidences).  Those lucky few that survive the abortion mills have (today) over a 70% chance of being raised by a single mother, and thus have no loving daddy in the home.  In this way, they thus are being raised with no sense of respect for genuine authority (the word “authority” derives from the word “author” which is a synonym for “father”).  They are then largely educated with a dumbed-down curriKKKulum in inferior government schools where they are taught that they are to be perpetual victims.  So, many of them remain in the DemoKKKrat cradle-to-prison-to grave pipeline, used as pawns just to keep the DemoKKKrats in power.

8.  It is hard to calculate how many Black lives have been lost due to this genocide, but it is EASILY far more than the official story of “6 million Jews” lost in the Holocaust, thus, Hillary Clinton represents a True Evil of Hitler-level proportions!!!!!!  Nevertheless, the Black people have been largely taken in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome where they automatically vote in the very people that are using them as pawns and profiting from their victimhood.  One of the reasons why the Left hates people like Ben Carson so much is because he provides a real-life example of what is possible when a child is brought into the world with all the stereotypical disadvantages, yet is raised by a mother who teaches him to refuse to be a victim.  Thus, the Democrats can only remain in power so long as the victims they purport to “represent” agree to play the role of perpetual victims.  This is the price of victimhood:  if you feel like a victim and you want your victimhood to stop, then YOU have to end it, and not sell your victimhood to the lowest bidder in exchange for promised “reparations” that never seem to come.

9.  Donald Trump represents the best possible way to reverse this victimhood trend in America, because he is not an idealogue, but rather, he’s a person who gets things done, and in the course of running for the presidency, he has developed a deep level of empathy for the American people as a whole, including people of every race and previously identified “sacred victim group” and thus, he represents the best chance for our country to re-birth itself again as One Nation Under God without all the divide-and-conquer “sacred victimologies” of the Democrats.

10.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, I believe that it will prove to be the point of no return for the complete downfall not only of the United States, but of all of Western Civilization.  But, of course, as usual, the history books are almost always written by those who hang the real heroes.

11.  One of the reasons why the Democrats have to resort to the mass importation of millions of third-world people in order to guarantee their power is this:  think about how many Democrat voters have been aborted since Roe v. Wade.  The more a person supports abortion on demand, the more likely they vote Democrat.  Now, it is probable that some women who have had abortions are Republicans or right-leaning, but it is probably a minority.

If it were not for easy abortion on demand, women with an unwanted pregnancy would basically have only two choices:

a.  Raise the child herself, either as a single mother, or with the boyfriend(s) of her choice.  The likely outcome:  more children grow up to be Democrat voters.

b.  Give the child up for adoption.  People who look for children to adopt are more likely, on average, to be either in the center, or right leaning.  Thus, in this scenario, many Democrat leaning women end up giving their children over to families who are, on average, more likely to raise the same children to grow up to be Republican or Independent voters.

Thus, the Democrat party has to keep Roe v. Wade intact as a sacrosanct principle, plus constantly push for more taxpayer funding of abortion, in order to prevent scenario #2 from happening, and constantly has to push for the mass importation of more voters from third world countries in order to make up for the net loss of Democrat voters lost due to abortion.


Dina is an ordinary woman who lives in the “hate-filled” state of North Carolina.  Yes, that is right.  Dina and a great many other North Carolinians hate the brazen attempt by the Left to use “special victims groups” in an effort to stir up dissension and hatred of one group of citizens to another, so as to destroy the fabric of our society.  It is true that since the USA has always been populated by people who are not perfect, many injustices have been committed.  As a spiritual seeker, Dina has learned from personal experience the undeniable truth portrayed in Galatians:  “Do not be deceived; God cannot be mocked; man reaps what he sows.”  Therefore, the greatest of a lessons is to learn to Know Thyself, so as to know how to overcome every limitation imposed upon us by the rulers of our world.